Who the heck is Tammy anyway??

Anyone who knows her knows that Tammy loves to talk. Every report card she brought home as a kid had the words “talks too much” written in red. But very quickly Tammy learned that she could use her gift of gab in a positive and creative way and started making recordings of… well, just about everything. From her own “radio” show when she was ten as “Miss Maryanne”, to reporting real-life current events like the 1971 Sylmar earthquake on her reel-to-reel tape recorder and later voicing actual radio commercials and narrating and mastering audiobooks, Tammy’s still talking.


Here's where you can get all the latest news about Tammy's current projects, along with photos and content just for her fans.


Occasionally Tammy has entertaining things to say so click here to see what she's talking about.

Tammy's Channel

Along with her voice work, Tammy's had a long on-camera career so here's where you can see her in action!

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